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10 Software to Customize and Make Windows XP Looks Cool

Windows XP are not arguably the second most greatest OS created by Microsoft other then Windows 7. But haven't you felt boring to see a sea of blue colours or silver on your desktop? If you got the RAM like maybe 3GB++ (2GB is fine too) then you can change that boringness into something COOL using these 10 software that will REVAMPED your XP.

All you need is:-                
  • Windows XP Repair CD  (or whatever you called it)  (optional, just in case you encounter some trouble...)
  • 1.5GB-3GB++ of RAM(for optimal performance with optimal prettyness)
  • A averagely powerful computer (Atom Processors is not recommended)
  • Some hard disk space

If you have all the things up here, you are fully compatible to apply these cool softwares. But if you don't, its not wrong trying. Try one or if you want ALL of the software below. Download page link are on the softwares title. These software are not ranked, I write them randomly.

Resource Hacker
Must be the most XP-Customize-Able software of all. Resource Hacker modify system files like DLL, EXE, CPL, etc. You can even change Windows look by editing various Windows files and replacing their resources using Resource Hacker. Example you can add or rename context menu item, change the look of XP UI and MORE. There are many tutorials and tricks for Resource Hacker. I find AskVG tricks and tutorial to be very cool and easy to understand-AskVG Resource Hacker Tutorial and Tricks.

LogonStudio is a software that can change Windows XP logon screen easily. I've featured this software in one of my post- Change Logon Screen Easily With Stardock LogonStudio. Its pretty easy to use and there should be no problem using it. For cool logon screen, search at DeviantART, there's tons of them.

Styler is another eye candy software which is primarily used for applying custom tool bar in Windows Explorer. You can also apply drop shadows to windows, although you need strong computer to use it lag-free. There are other feature to that you should check out yourself. Again, if you want to find cool Styler toolbar, search them at DeviantART, you'll find tons of them. To learn how to install Styler skins, visit my post-How to Install and Use Styler Skins

Rainmeter is a desktop customization platform using skins that float freely much like Windows Sidebar  or Mac dashboard. It can add beautiful skins with useful utilities, statistics like available memory, battery power, rss feeds, weather forecasts and MORE. The skins are very customizable and can be merge or edited easily. Rainmeter have an active community making cool skins which gives you tens of fresh skins every month for you to use. Most of them use DeviantART as a place to distributed their skins.

Beware that recently some trolls have uploaded copies of other Rainmeter skin deviations and put malware in it. This skins usually have comments disabled or hidden.

IconTweaker is an icon changer based on icon themes. It is one of the main alternative to the paid Icon Packager. Icon Tweaker works by using icon themes, these are icons bundled in a file. But it also support individual icons but much more complex in my opinions. You can find many Icon Tweaker themes in  DeviantART.

Rocketdock is a cool dock software based on alpha blending. There are tons of add-ons you can download from its main website. The software are highly customizable and can somehow replace the taskbar as it dock minimized window to it. With the right theme applied, this dock can really revamped your desktop. I've also write something related to it-4 Rocketdock Tips and Tricks

TrueTransparency is a software that gives you the Aero Glass feature to windows border. Its the most popular one of its type and also have large archive of skins to apply. It has low memory usage and the software size is less then 1MB. It also had Aero Shake and Aero Snap.

Vistart is a software that will apply Vista transparent start menu and replace the old one. Its easy to use and easy to remove too. Just close the application and the start menu will revert to normal. This will sync well with TrueTransparency.

TClock Light
TClock Light is designed as system tray clock replacement. It gives the option to show date, days, years, seconds and more that existing system tray clock can't. It also have the option to change the start button image, apply transparency to taskbar and start menu. It even had the option to hide the start button. TClock run low in resources and if you play with the features, your realize it have more than you think.

QTTabBar is a unique Windows Explorer add-ons where it gives you tabs feature (you read it right!) in Windows Explorer. This feature which is once dominated by browsers are pretty useful. Although it's a learning curve for the first few hours, once understood are very fun and useful. This thing aren't actually a software but more as a shell add-on but its COOL. That's what important...

There you have it, these 10 software will surely rock your XP. You might experience system performance degraded. Disable any feature you suspect might be the culprit until its back to full performance. Lastly, I'll try finding more software like this and post it.

Checkout Customization section. You'll find many hack that you might find interesting.


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